Halloween Eve

Happy Halloween everyone. Tonight has been crazy. My dad and his gf finally bought a house so thats exciting! Next spring I have a feeling I will be busily helping my dad and his gf move. I’m somewhat disappointed. I had a Trick or Canning thing at my church and not a single youth showed up. Im bummed. I know they are busy and have things to do but it would be nice if they would come to an event. Maybe it was just a bad night for them. I guess I just have to realize that my success does not rest on how many people show up etc. Sometimes I feel worthless…but so many people have said that I am worthy. I am worth something and I know that I am worthy to God but sometimes it is so hard to live with that mentality. During my time at seminary, so many people said it was so awesome to watch me grow into this woman of faith that knows what she wants etc. They saw me grow and mature and believe in myself but some days that is so much easier said than done.

3 thoughts on “Halloween Eve

  1. Sometimes it is hard to have confidence. I think you’re cool. As a matter of fact, (and don’t think I’m a psycho, here) I had this dream last night, and YOU were in it (although it wasn’t physically you, because I don’t know what you look like). I was at seminary and everyone hated me except for you. And you made me feel better about being there and all that good stuff. So, I think you’re cool, and so does Jesus. We’re the only two who matter, right? 😉 just messing. Have a good day.

  2. I know how it feels when no one shows up at an event…ugh! Hang in there: You are an awesome woman of faith, which depends not on whether or not people come to an event. We’re all still learning and growing, through the events that work, and the ones that — well — the ones “we saw going differently in our minds.” (Remind me that the next time no one shows up at my events, too, please!)

  3. Hey, thanks for the vote of confidence you left for me at my blog! I appreciate it. Anyway, what exactly is “Trick or Canning?” I have an idea, but I would like to know for sure.

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