Grief’s Weight

There are days that the grief is so heavy that it feels like it is hard to catch one’s breath. And other days when the grief is still there but is overshadowed by the hope and joy that God brings into my world. Grief comes and goes like a wave washing over us.

I have been no stranger to grief this year. I have lost people that I have loved deeply. I have lost mentors and friends. I have cried tears for friends that I loved having conversations with but now cannot have those conversations on this earth. My heart aches for those that have been lost unexpectedly to death. My heart yearns for them to be here on earth with us. Yet I know that in time we will be united on the other side of heaven.

And as I grieve these dear souls, I also grieve the world that we are living in. I want a better world for our youth. I want Ben’s daughter Elizabeth to be able to go to school without feeling scared for her safety. I want Jim’s grandchildren to not know war but to know a world that is more peaceful. And yet every day I turn on the news, only to turn it off immediately because my heart cannot take anymore death; anymore bad news. I want a better world for us all.

And then I realize that the reason I can’t catch my breath is that grief is all around me. I think I am just ready to move on when the news of another death hits me yet again. The truth is that grief happens in all sorts of ways through the loss or change of a relationship, through the loss of a job unexpectedly, and in so many ways. Yet in the midst of grief, God weeps with us.

Knowing that God weeps with us, I know that grief is part of the cycle of life. “For everything is a season; a time to plant and a time to pluck up what is planted, a time to be born and a time to die, a time to laugh and a time to cry.” For every time God promises to hold us in our grief. God places people in our lives who sing for us when we cannot sing for ourselves, who pray for us when we cannot find the words, and who promise to hold us in both lifes joys and sorrows. For God loved us so much God sent God’s one and only Son into the world for all of us. That’s a promise and a love I can cling to when the grief is too heavy!

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4 thoughts on “Grief’s Weight

  1. So true… grieving is all around us and it can seem overwhelming and like a thick heavy fog that we can’t quite see through –but we grab hold of His nail scarred hand as He leads us through the mist and beckons us to walk with Him – up higher, above it all… praying for you, sweet friend!

  2. Beautiful words! Grief IS all around us and it can be so hard to get through. So blessed to have One who can help us find the Joy through the Sorrow and puts people in our lives to help us as well…like YOU and these words you share!! Thank you!

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