Grief is Exhausting!

Grief is exhausting!

Today, I almost didn’t write (which would’ve been a first for me as I haven’t missed a day in all the years I’ve done this challenge). I’ve been hanging with youth at our synod youth gathering. Last nights action tracks (aka breakout sessions) were on heavy topics: mental health, suicide, addiction, etc. Because of my families story, I was asked to share and lead on the mental illness one. I was honored.

The room was quiet as they all listened so intently. They shared their own stories. They listened to mine. It was emotional. And to be honest, it was emotionally exhausting.

Grief does that, doesn’t it? Grief pulls and tugs at us. And grief isn’t always felt through death. It’s felt in the changing of relationships etc. But no matter how you put it, grief is exhausting.

So, my friends, I’m keeping it short today. See you back here tomorrow for Sunday Simplicity!

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