Grace and Morning Calamities

According to Miriam-Wesbter’s dictionary, grace is defined as “unmerited divine assistance given humans for their regeneration or sanctification; a virture coming from God; or a state of sanctification.”

This morning I am especially thankful for God’s grace! Last night, when I was walking home from work, I noticed that my driver’s side tire looked rather low. This morning I had an appointment to be at one of our local television stations to film some “Lutheran Moments.” (We all take turns doing these) Before heading there, I stopped at a near-by auto body shop so they could fill my low tire. They filled them and then came out to tell me that my tire was ready to blow and needed to be repaired. They averaged out the tire pressure on all the tires so I could at least get around town for the day.

On my way back, one of the main roads was being shut down because some house movers were moving a house. The guy stopped me and I rolled down my window to see what he wanted. He told me that the road was shut down because they were moving a house. I pulled off into the nearest business parking lot and waited for them to move the house. But, my driver’s side window wouldn’t roll back up. It was stuck in the down position. And, of course, there are snow flurries today too!!! So I dropped my car off at the auto body shop to have my window and my tire fixed.

Isn’t that the way it works, friends? It always seems to happen in pairs. This morning I am thankful that God’s grace allowed me to get around town and not miss out on my appointments. I am thankful that my car is safe even though the window may be stuck in the down position. I am thankful that I was able to get a few errands done before I arrived at the television station.

But I will admit that at first, I was looking awfully hard for God’s grace this morning in the midst of these calamities. Yet God always shows up…even in the midst of the chaos.

14 thoughts on “Grace and Morning Calamities

  1. maybe that "grace in pairs" thing happens so we just may notice by the second time? Soooo thankful that you're safe!

    BTW, back in the greco-roman world of the NT, grace also was the favor a patron freely dispensed to a client who worked for them, so the apostle Paul's audiences easily got the parallel.

  2. River song, I love that thought of why grace just might happen in pairs!
    Thanks for the reminder to look for God's grace. It IS ALWAYS there, I just need to and want to be mindful enough to find it.

  3. Love this Tara!! Life dealt you a crazy hand today… and God stepped up for you. He took care of you like a loving Father 🙂 Thanks for sharing! And, please… don't say SNOW 😀 Ha ha!!

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