Going to the Movies Friday Five

1) Is there a film that so captured your imagination that you couldn’t stop thinking about it? In what way(s) did it affect you? Frozen. There is just something so magical about that movie! Maybe also because I live in ND! 😛

2) What religious/spiritual film has touched you? This could be something overtly thematic, like The Last Temptation of Christ, or something more subtle, like Enchanted April.    Hmmm…this one isnt an easy one for me to answer. “Saved” is a funny movie that takes a humorous take. I dont recommend it to everyone because  Im sure some people will be offended by it.  I did like The Passion of Christ movie.

3) When the going gets tough, is there a film you turn to for distraction and/or to help shift your mood? School of Rock always makes me laugh. Rent is the one movie that I watch all the time. I just love that musical.

4) What is your all-time favorite movie? Man I have so many favorite movies…Grease, Because of Winn Dixie, Silver Linings Playbook, Harry Potter, Love Actually, Dirty Dancing…I think you get the idea!

5) If you were to choose a film for viewing and discussion with your congregation, what would you choose? Pay It Forward, Simon Birch, etc. But really the first movie I would choose would be Silver Linings Playbook. It is such a beautiful movie about mental illness and teachs about the illness. I think it would be a great way to talk about the illness and how we can make all God’s people feel welcome.

Bonus: If your life were to be made into a feature film, who would you want to play you? I think it would be fun to have some one like Jennifer Lawrence or Amy Adams or someone to play me!

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