God’s Timing Is Definetely NOT My Timing

Well hello again. I was hoping this post would bring happier news but yet again Ive been disappointed. I called Olivet Church in Fargo today to find out about the position and stuff. Turns out they are going with another one of their candidates which means yet another job I have not been called to fill. I must say I am starting to feel quite discouraged. I know that I have gifts but I am starting to wonder when those gifts will be put to good use in the church. I understand that God’s timing is not my own timing but I am so ready to be doing the ministry thing. Will God ever lead me to that place? YES! Will it take time? YES! But sometimes its so hard to trust in the process. TRUST THE PROCESS!! Boy how many times did I hear that in seminary? A lot. I guess I just need to remember my own advice to my friends. Well hopefully my next post will bring better news but for now I guess I will just continue to hang in the balances.

3 thoughts on “God’s Timing Is Definetely NOT My Timing

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that this one fell through as well.

    Is it possible for you to 1)work at an agency instead of a church and have a synodical call or 2)start looking at other synods like SoDak or Minnesota or Montana?

    I’m just thinking since you liked Special Olympics so much that there might be another agency that would be a good fit. Maybe you should try a unit of CPE and see if working with children and their families in that form of crisis would be a good fit.


  2. So lets try this again. So the day after I posted, I received a letter and an email from the bishop. Turns out their is a congregation in WND that is interested in me AS a diaconal minister. The pastor responded to the letter the bishop sent out telling about me as a diaconal and that I was open for call etc. The bishop said that after talking with the pastor that this truly is the place where my gifts would best fit and match so now I wait to hear from the pastor. So maybe this is it! But enough not, I will look into some of your options my friend. Miss you lots. Tell Kevin Hi. God bless!!

  3. Well, it appears by your most recent comment that things are looking up. And that is good! We are all hopeful that you find a call where you gifts are best put to use! And even if that takes a while, you have to trust the process (where have I heard that before) and trust that God is working through the process. Not always the easiest or most fun thing to do. But it is important nonetheless.
    Hopefully we’ll hear some good news soon!!!

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