God’s Masterpiece

I’m at my favorite place: Super Awesome Bible Camp for the next three days or so. There is just something absolutely special about being in this place for me. It is hard to even put into words. Tonight we were taking about how we are God’s masterpieces. I so see that here in this place. One of the reasons I am here this week is because my mom is attending Camp Celebration: a camp for people with developmental disabilities etc. The nursing home she lives at invited her to come here. I came to hang out with her but also because I’ll take any excuse I can to come hang out here! When I walked in the doors tonight, I was practically mawled by some of the staff who know me from when I was a camper. Craziness huh! I love this place with all my heart and soul! It will always hold an absolutely special place in my heart. I definetely know that I am one of God’s masterpieces when I am here. It is a good reminder to be who God created me (and us) to be! I think sometimes I/we forget that especially when life gets difficult etc.

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