God Provided!

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God provides!

This week God provided so much.

God provided….

–Friends to mourn together.

–An incredible cloud of witnesses who stood together to commend our friend to God’s care.

–Amtrak who got me safely to my destination.

–Gracious hosts who went above and beyond the call of duty

–Bagpipes played for our friend.

–That silly Wartburg Seminary shield packed full of so many memories.

–Hymns sung loudly

–Hugs, hugs and more hugs!

–A local brewery who opened just for us so we could celebrate and send our friend out the way he would want; through Beer and Hymns.

–My friends two year old daughter asleep on her mom’s shoulder throughout the service….waking up during the Words of Institution.

–Memories that capture our friends joy and zest for life.

–An incredible community to support and walk alongside one another.

–Holy holy tears!

Through all of life’s journey, through the ups and downs, God provides! And I’m so thankful for the ways God provided for my friends and I this week.

24 thoughts on “God Provided!

  1. there is something very comforting about a funeral and good friends and family being together to say goodbye when a close friend dies. i’m sad i was so far away when my good friend in canada died many years ago. it wasn’t possible to attend her funeral but i think it would have helped.
    blessings as you move on and adjust to live without him…and remember him fondly.

  2. Hi Tara (my comments haven’t been showing up lately, so I’ll try 1 more time and you can delete if there’s any repetition): I’m very glad for the blessings you experienced even the midst of sadness. God is good. Ah, the bagpipes: my favourite….

    • I will watch that. Mine were ending up in spam on a few other sites so it is likely that is what is happening to yours on mine too. God is good. The bagpipes were so so good!

  3. “Beer and Hymns” sounds totally like the sendoff my father-in-law wanted and got. I am so sorry about your friend; I appreciate all the gratitude you shared here. Sending love and prayers.

  4. We can have hope in the midst of tears, joy in the midst of sorrow. Love how you captured these sentiments so well here in this post. Thanks for letting us into your life lately through all this.

  5. I’m sorry for the loss you are walking through, but I’m thrilled that you captured so many ways God provided for you. You are giving Him the glory. Thank you for such an uplifting post, friend. You’ve inspired me to look to see how God is providing for me today. Much love to you.

  6. I love seeing how God provided specialized comfort in this time of loss. God is so good to us. Stopping by and saying “Hi!” from #28. God bless!

  7. Sorry I’m so late to the party, friend. I was blessed in reading all the ways God provided for you and your friends as you said your last goodbyes to your friend. He has a way of meeting us where we are, doesn’t He?

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