Getting Ready for Lent Friday Five

What are some things you appreciate about the season of Lent? Perhaps you would share 5 of them with us. And for your bonus question feel free to share one thing you could do without.

1. Lent is an awesome season. I love that some of the most special days are during Lent especially Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter Sunday, etc. Maundy Thursday holds a special place in my heart since it is the text of Jesus’ washing his disciple’s feet which is what Diaconal Ministry is all about!

2. The Bible Studies we offer during Lent. I like that it helps me to take the time to dwell in God’s Word which Im not always the greatest at.

3. I appreciate that we dont have Confirmation during Lent. It’s nice to have a break but more importantly, it reminds our Confirmation families to take the time to worship together. I love seeing them at our Lenten worship services.

4. Ash Wednesday “ashes to ashes, dust to dust.” It may be a dark day but also reminds me of what Jesus did for me. It also helps me reflect on both life and death. Last February I found tears falling from my face as I put ashes on the foreheads of my parishioners. In that moment, I couldnt help but think of how Ben Larson had been killed in the Haiti earthquake while on J-term there with his wife and cousin. A powerful moment!

5. Lenten suppers that our youth put together

I really cant think of anything I dont appreciate about Lent. Maybe if I had to pick, it would be when Easter and Lent are later than they usually are.

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  1. First time I have been to your blog. Nice. Good that you have Youth dinners–no confirmation classes in Lent. Good idea. I also saw your friend's blog "Front Row Lutheran" I would love to meet him. In the ELCA parish I served there were NO front row Lutherans! 8-D

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