Gentler With Us (A Guest Post)

During the 31 days, I met many new people through their blogs. One of the people I kept running into was Emily McFarlan Miller. Emily and I both chose “gentleness” as our OneWord365 for 2014. Emily asked me to write about what I had learned during the course of the year so I did. Today I am guest posting at Emily’s place.

That is the thing, my friends: God is so much gentler with us than we are with ourselves.As I have lived into my #oneword365 this past year, that is one of the biggest lessons I have found myself learning. Throughout my life, I have seen how God has been way more gentle with me than I have been with myself….Read the Rest Here

6 thoughts on “Gentler With Us (A Guest Post)

    • Natalie, it really has been fun as well as inspiring and uplifting to live into my one word this year. Check out this hashtag #oneword365 to learn more. Hope you got to check out the rest of the post and enjoyed it! 🙂

  1. It totally was a God thing the way we kept running into each other during our 31 days! I so appreciated you sharing what you've learned this year, since I know we all bring such different experiences to the year, even if we bring the same word. The idea of God being so much more gentle with me than I am with myself is one that kept coming back to me this year, and your post so resonated with me.

    Thank you again, and Merry Christmas!

    • It totally was a God thing how we kept running into each other during those 31 days. Thank you for asking me to share my thoughts on our one word this year. I am glad my post resonated with you. You are so welcome. And Merry Christmas to you too!

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