GDPR Compliancy

Dear friends,

I (Tara L Ulrich) am writing to alert you to some changes in data protection which may affect how you receive emails from me at Praying on the Prairie. This is of most importance to those who have signed up to receive blog posts from me at Praying on the Prairie via email. It’s important to be aware of what I do with your information.

In order to ensure that I am complying with the European Union’s changes to GDPR by May 25, 2018, you will need to confirm that you are happy for your email to be used for the specific purpose of delivering blog posts to your inbox and storing your email for this purpose alone.

WordPress stores your email address, which I can also see. I do not share your email address with anyone else, nor will your email address be used for anything other than the stated purpose above.

I want to ensure I have your consent to do this.


Please use the blog subscription form  (the “subscribe button in the upper right corner) to sign up again, regardless of how you signed up in the first place. Emails will be sent to you from WordPress with the content of posts from Praying on the Prairie.


The “follow” button will read something like “You are already subscribed/You are following this blog (manage).” You can choose whether or not you want to continue to get email notifications from me by managing your WordPress subscriptions in your own WordPress account. Click “manage” and then look at your list of subscriptions – each site will have “settings” you can click through to turn on/off email notifications as desired.

“But I don’t get your posts by email!” If you would like to do that you can easily sign up using the form, or, if you have a WordPress account, adjusting your subscription settings as explained above.

By doing so, you are giving consent for your email to be stored and used for this purpose. You can unsubscribe at any time, either by “managing” your subscriptions as above or clicking “unsubscribe” at the bottom of emails.

2 thoughts on “GDPR Compliancy

  1. Thx for the info. That explains the many email notifications I got today. You’re on my blogroll so I don’t subscribe via email.

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