I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “CHOOSE YOUR OWN PROMPT” What?!?! I decided to ask my friends for help. One suggested “gift” which was already a prompt. Another suggested “rebirth” which I liked but felt was hard to write on. I looked at my bookcase and the first word that jumped out at me was “peace” which I wrote about already this week. Then another friend tweeted #fuzzy and I told her to try again but in a turn of events, I decided “fuzzy” was the word.  Write for five minutes; unedited.

I am wrapped up in my favorite fuzzy blanket listening to Jimmy Fallon on television. Earlier I followed and tweeted along with the FMF Twitter party while working on my Christmas cards and wrapping a few presents for Moms’s Christmas party at the nursing home tomorrow. I sipped a yummy McDs Eggnog shake while doing all of this multitasking.

Then waiting patiently for the word prompt to be announced, I quickly changed into my pjs and fuzzy black and white slippers. Kate announced the prompt and we were all a little shocked. Pick your own word prompt…kind of like one of those “Choose Your Own Adventure” books. Like waiting for our word prompt or just simply waiting in life, we are reminded that waiting is never easy. And during the season of Advent, we patiently or maybe not so patiently wait for the birth of this promised Messiah.

During this season, I love to lay on my couch wrapped in my fave fuzzy blanket with my Christmas tree lights glowing and looking at all of my beloved Nativities. Did you know St. Francis of Assissi created the first Nativity/crèche because he felt like the reason for the season was being lost? Nativities for me remind again and again of the true reason for the season; celebrating Jesus who comes as the light of the world.

These nativities help us tell and retell this sacred story that is so much more than a story. Was baby Jesus wrapped in a warm fuzzy blanket or did Mary put him in a fuzzy sleeper days and/or weeks after his birth? The truth is Jesus was no ordinary infant; he was an extraordinary baby who came to bring grace and peace to a world especially in need of that grace.

 My fave Christmas song (I shared it a 
few weeks ago, but I love it so much and
 wants to share again)

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  1. hi tara, i'm your next door neighbor today:) i wonder if jesus even needed a fuzzy blanket. it wasn't a place that gets cold like parts of the US do was it?
    glad you are getting your jobs done:) sounds like a cozy evening for you:) fuzzy was a great word for this evening.

  2. WOW! Miss Fuzzy you taught me something fantastic here! I did not know that St. Francis was the creator of nativity scenes! Irony…nope…God-incidence…yep! We have a St. Francis statue in our front yard made of bronze by a lady in my grandma in law's nursing home–a gift from my father in law. My mom gave a gift to me in the form of a Christmas tradition–a neighborhood kid acted out nativity/gathering. She did that when we were kids, and TONIGHT we are doing it with our neighbors! Fire pit, smores, and kid narrated and acted out nativity/Jesus birth story. <3!!!! Jenn

    • I did not know that about St. Francis either until I started researching and reading some information. I hope you had a great weekend with all the neighborhood kids acting out your nativity/gathering. Love! πŸ™‚

  3. I didn't know St. Francis was responsible for the first creche. Interesting that even then he felt the meaning was being lost. Some things don't change. Like that and liking to wrap ourselves in our favorite fuzzies for a bit of comfort and joy πŸ˜‰

  4. Love your chosen prompt!! I cheated and put one from yesterday, I was so tired yesterday if I would have written anything it would be gibberish lol I didn't know about St Francis that is cool

  5. Tara, what a FUN prompt! My sons love fuzzy, furry, soft things. Blankets, bathrobes, sweaters, they just love 'em. If I was being honest, so do I. When I wear something soft, I am almost guaranteed hugs and soft "pets" from my tween boys. πŸ™‚

    I didn't know St Francis was the first one to create Natvities. That is such a great fact! I hope you have a wonderful, fuzzy-filled Christmas, my friend!

    • Jeanne, it was a FUN prompt! That is so fun that your sons love fuzzy, furry, soft things…blankets, bathrobes, sweaters, etc. I love them too! I did not know that about St. Francis either. I learned something too. May you too have a wonderful, fuzzy-filled Christmas!

  6. Tara, you reminded me of this, so I will gift it to you…

    Fuzzy-Wuzzie was a bear
    Fuzzie-Wuzzie had no hair
    Then he wasn't very fuzzy, was he?

    Seriously, I don't do 'fuzzy' well. The physical profile with which I am dealing makes my very skin hurt to touch, so I wear very loose, light clothing…and hugs, while welcomed, are an ordeal.

    But Sylvia the Big Pit Bull LOVES fuzzy. She had been abandoned with a broken hip and a dead puppy inside her, and now her happy place is behind the sofa cushion, covered up with a…wait for it…fuzzy blanket. She's a wonderful service dog, keeping me out of trouble (and recently let me fall on HER, rather than hitting the ground), so she deserves all the fuzz I can provide.

    I love your posts, Tara. If I may say so…I think you're a wonderful person. The kind to whom one would never want to say Goodbye.

    34 at FMF


    • Andrew, thanks for that poem. It made me smile. I used to teach that to my little ones when I babysat when I was a teenager. Sorry that you don't do fuzzy well. Sounds like Sylvia is indeed a lover of fuzzy things. Thank you for your sweet comments. They made me smile!

  7. I love your word choice! And I would wear fuzzy slippers everywhere if it were socially acceptable. I really liked this last line: "The truth is Jesus was no ordinary infant; he was an extraordinary baby who came to bring grace and peace to a world especially in need of that grace." Praise Jesus and amen.

  8. Fuzzy! I love it. Especially since one of my own blankets is quite fuzzy. And the dog snoring beside me is fuzzy. πŸ™‚

    My brother bought me the first piece in the Willow Tree nativity set a couple of years ago. Mary is cradling Jesus while Joseph stands over them protectively. How scared they must have been that night so long ago. How enraptured when He first cried. Amazing grace!

  9. Good prompt. It's finally fuzzy weather in Kansas City too, fuzzy slippers, fuzzy blanket and a fire in the woodstove. My mind is drawing a blank on a word for myself…I guess I depend too much on Kate to give us a real word and not choose your own…although my kids love the books… I'll have to think on it a while

    • Christy, glad you are finally getting fuzzy weather in Kansas City. I am glad that you finally came up with a word prompt. I think many of us were lost when Kate didn't give us a word for ourselves.

  10. Great word, my friend! Love it. I have a favorite fuzzy blanket and love my fuzzy slippers, and now I long to spend the rest of the evening with them! Your words warmed my heart and blessed me today. Bless you, Tara!

  11. Awww, Tara, I'm DELIGHTED that you went with fuzzy! And, that you're my neighbor this week!
    And look at all the happy warm and fuzzy accolades! This was perfect. πŸ˜€
    Thank you for your friendship. You really wrap me up in the warm and fuzzy depths of your love which comes from Jesus' love within you. You are an extension of His glory and there is no greater treasure than the depth of care you give. Andrew's comments are spot-on and I agree.
    (#14 this week at FMF)

  12. What a cosy word choice, Tara. It left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside. I was also ignorant of the fact that St Francis of Assisi created the first Nativity. Facts and fuzzy rolled into one great post – your thinking is definitely sharp despite the word you've chosen! πŸ™‚ <3

  13. Ok Andrew beat me to it! First thing that came to mind… Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear (blame it on the fact that I've been in early childhood education for almost 20 years). Anyway, it was also really hard for me to choose a word but reading everyone's choices is giving me the "warm and fuzzies".

  14. What a fun word choice!! I don't think I would have been able to decide on a word if I wrote for FMF this week. I love all things fuzzy too so this post makes me happy. Your words about waiting are spot on too. Merry Christmas blessings friend!

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