Friends Friday Five

For today’s Friday Five please tell us 5 things you like to do with friends. Are they local – do you hit a favorite coffee shop or nail salon? What about the friends who come in from out of town? Do you have a restaurant or museum you like to show off?

1. I love just spending time with my friends. Often times we might go out to the mall and look around or go to a movie.

2. When friends come from out of town, we might go to a movie, to our fave Christian bookstore, or for a bike ride. I especially love showing them the area around the Red River…so pretty!

3. I love that once a month a group of friends from seminary get together at a local restaurant and just talk, catch up on each others lives, etc. We always pick kid-friendly places so they can bring their children along! 🙂 We usually go a local restaurant that I normally wouldnt pick so I love that.

4. I love going to a craft or art show with my friends too!

5. Really it doesnt matter what we are doing as long as we just spend time together!

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