Friday Fivin' It

1. First, take a moment to pray. Gracious God, thank you for all you have created. Thank you for all the ways you provide for us. Guide us as you send us out into the world to be “blessed to be a blessing!” Amen.

2. What is one thing you have been thinking about doing this summer? Well, can you still take an hour/afternoon/day/overnight to still make it happen? I’ve actually done most of the things that I’ve wanted to do. Probably the one thing I haven’t is pool time! I def should make this happen before summer is over!

3. Give a shout-out to someone who has been a blessing/kick in your pants/good friend/joy/a great silliness in your life lately. Oh this one is so easy! I have been incredibly blessed with some amazing friendships. I miss my friends from NWMN. They have blessed me in so many ways. But right now I’m sooo thankful for KW, EG, KG and CT! These women are so incredibly amazing and I’m so thankful for each of them. Love you guys!!!

4. Leaf-blowers or vacuum cleaners? Which is the most annoying sound to you? Hmmm I guess if I have to pick one. I would say leaf-blowers.

5. Is there a song of the summer this year? Last year it was Happy, right? Do you have a song of your summer? Or mix? Or just a great recommendation? There are many! Since my sister and I saw Florida Georgia Line in concert, Cruise would be up on the top of my list. Also any of Brad Paisleys songs since we saw him in concert too!

I usually have my car radio tuned to the Christian stations. My song of the summer has to be “My Lighthouse” by Rend Collective Experiment.

BONUS: Share a rambling thought or visual of wisdom, humor, holiness, reality, absurdity or joy.

Holiness—Sun setting over the St Louis arch Feb 2014

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