Friday Fivin’ It

It is Friday which is my day off and it is raining, which means that an outing to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park has been cancelled. So what to do, I am currently scanning the internet for possibilities. I think we will head into York to visit the Art Gallery.

How about you do you do on a rainy summers day?

1. At home? Usually I curl up with a nice book or a good movie!!!

2. In your local area? I might head to the mall to see a movie or go shopping at the mall or just go to a local coffee shop and meet up with a good friend.

3. If you are away on holiday? If Im at a hotel, I probably would go swimming. Maybe order in pizza. Read a book. Maybe even might take some time for writing.

4. Name a rainy day read. Actually whatever Im currently reading! 🙂

5. Is there a piece of music/ a poem/ story that cheers you up? There is so much that makes me feel better. The movie “Because of Winn Dixie” always makes me smile! Jars of Clay Love Song for a Savior is my feel good song too!

Bonus: post a rainy day photo! One of my favorite photos after a nice ND rain!

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