Friday Five Questions

1. Do you tend to be a late person or one who is timely, arriving on time or earlier?
I definetely tend to be an early bird!

2. Have you forgotten anything of importance lately?
Not that I can remember.

3. Is procrastination your inclination? Why or why not?
I never use to be a procrastinator and usually dont tend to be. However I definetely did learn the art of procrastinating from some friends at seminary….LOL! So to answer the question, depends on what it is…sometime procrastination is in my inclination and other times it is not!

4. Do you like schedules or spontaneity? Which works best for you? Schedules but I am getting better at being more spontaneous!

5. How do you stay on track with the various things you need to, people you must meet, etc., etc.? Cell phone calendar, my planner, etc

1 thought on “Friday Five Questions

  1. learning procrastination from seminary friends…LOL…I used to fall asleep reading course work and told myself it was my way of letting the Spirit move it deeper into my being. But really it was probably just simple procrastination. (word verification, coffes – clearly what I need)

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