Friday Five Gets a Standing O!

1. Describe the last play or musical you saw. (At least provide the what, when, where, and why). What was your opinion of it? I have to admit that living in a small town in the Midwest I dont have many opportunities to do these things. However I jump at the chance to see a good play or musical. The last musical I saw was the film version of “Rent” I absolutely loved it!

2. All time favorite play? Musical? My all-time fave musical is definetely RENT! I have a lot of plays that are my favorite but my all-time favorite has probably got to be Amadeus!

3. “The Producers,” “The Philadelphia Story,” “Hairspray,” “The Wedding Singer”…all were movies before they were musicals (okay “The Philadelphia Story” was a play and then a movie, and they changed its name when it became a musical, but whatever). What non-musical movie do you think should next get the musical treatment? Hmmm this is a good question and Im going to apologize because Im probably going to come up with a lame answer but thought I should at least give it a shot. How about the Matrix? Or Harry Potter? or Saved?

4. Favorite song from a musical? Why? No doubt about it my fave song is No Day but Today from Rent! I just love the message behind the song! It also has great melody!

5. The most recent trend in Broadway musical revues is to construct a show around the oeuvre of a particular super-group or composer, where existing songs are woven together with some kind of through story. The most successful of these (“Jersey Boys” (The Four Seasons), “Mamma Mia” (ABBA), “Movin’ Out” (Billy Joel)) have made a mint, but many (“All Shook Up” (Elvis), “Hot Feet” (Earth, Wind and Fire)) have bombed. What great pop/rock singer/composer or super-group should be the next to be featured, and what might the story-line be for such a show? Hmmm I dont have a good answer for this one either but maybe a musical based on the music of Five For Fighting! They’ve just done some really good music that I think could make some really great storylines. However I cant think of a storyline myself right now!

Bonus question for singer/actors. Favorite part you’ve ever played/sung.
As always, let us know in the comments if you play! And standing ovations (as well as more visits, no doubt) for those who link directly to their posts. This one is easy for me. I was in so many plays in high school and college. In fact I really would like to get more involved with community theatre but my absolute fave part I played was Anne Frank’s mother in The Diary of Anne Frank. This was the first production I was in in college. Before this production, I had been prop mistress etc but had never been on stage. The director asked me to audition and I got the part of Anne’s mother. It was a neat role to play and I enjoyed the many awesome people I got to work with. In fact, I made some of my best friends during that production. After that play, I was involved in every play either backstage or onstage during my next three years there!

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