Friday Five Fun!

1. Will this Sunday be Palms only, Passion only, or hyphenated? I think it will probably be mostly Palms. The Sunday School children process in with palms so Im looking forward to that. Since this is my first Palm Sunday here, I guess Ill see what happens!

2. Maundy Thursday Footwashing: Discuss. For me this is an extremely special text. The roster of Diaconal Ministry in the ELCA is based on Word and Service and its symbols are basin and towel. Through the call of Diaconal Ministry, we are called to serve God through servanthood etc. At all consecration services, the newly consecrated Diaconal minister is presented with a basin and towel. For me this text holds a special place for many reasons. First because it is the symbol of my call to ministry. Secondly, it reminds me of all those I am called to serve. Thirdly, it reminds me of who I am as a called child of God to this specific ministry. Want to know more about diaconal ministry check it out at… I believe thats the link if not just go to and put diaconal ministry in the search engine

3. Share a particularly meaningful Good Friday worship experience.
Probably when a bunch of friends at seminary and I attended all the Triduum services together. It was great to share it together since we couldnt share it with our families.

4. Easter Sunrise Services–choose one:a) “Resurrection tradition par excellence!”b) “Eh. As long as it’s sunrise with coffee, I can live with it.”c) “[Yawn] Can’t Jesus stay in the tomb just five more minutes, Mom?!?” Ive always enjoyed the Sunrise services. For me this years sunrise service will be put on by the youth. Im super excited for it and think it will be excellent. For me its definetely A!

5. Complete this sentence: It just isn’t Easter without… “Jesus Christ is Risen Today”

Bonus: Any Easter Vigil aficionados out there? Please share. In the past, they have used the Easter vigil as their Sunrise service. However they had to shorten it because the vigil is to long to fit into an hour. I attendeded a vigil at a monastery at seminary. That was kind of an interesting and neat experience!

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