Fri Five!

1. Personality tests; love them or hate them? Dont mind them!

2. Would you describe yourself as practical, creative, intellectual or a mixture ? Id say Im pretty creative especially when it comes to writing!

3. It is said that everyone has their 15 minutes of fame; have you had your yet? If so what was it, if not dream away what would you like it to be? Yeah I have a poem published in a poetry anthology.

4. If you were given a 2 year sabatical ( oh the dream of it) to create something would it be music, literature, art…..something completely different…share your dream with us… I would love to start my own christian publishing company.

5. Describe a talent you would like to develop, but that seems completely beyond you. To play the guitar or to draw beautifully!

Bonus question: Back to the church- what does every member ministry mean to you? Is it truly possible to encourage/ implement? Every member has their own unique gifts and talents. Yes I truly believe it is possible to encourage them to use them. However I think it is often easier said than done!

4 thoughts on “Fri Five!

  1. Your own Christian publishing company sounds cool… by the looks of it there are lots of aspiring writers among RGBP. Oh and the drawing…what’s that old pesky phrase my mother used “practice makes perfect”… if at least not perfect, better.

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