Forgetful Friday Five

a) What’s the last thing you forgot? Hmmmm…..Im not sure!

e) How do you keep track of appointments? I write them in my planner and on my calendar.

i) Do you keep a running grocery list? Sometimes.

o) When forced to improvise by circumstances, do you enjoy it or panic? I used to tend to panic but I am getting better at enjoying more.

u) What’s a memory you hope you will never forget? There are so many memories that I don’t want to forget. One of the ones I hope I never forget is when I celebrated my first birthday at seminary. We ate with our hands and laughed so hard. What a great memory!!!

2 thoughts on “Forgetful Friday Five

  1. hmmm… interesting that several of us answered a) the same way. I keep track only on my paper calendar cuz two sources gets too complicated. You are so right about seminary! Even though I didn't live in student housing, the conversations, meals, craziness and just plain fun were unforgettable. Someone told me I might not be as thrilled with woman colleagues in called ministry as I was thrilled with my woman classmates, and now I'm wondering. Hugs!

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