For These We Prayed

There are times in our life when God brings special people into our lives. Special people that turn from friends to family=framily. Leslye, her late husband Jim and their kids have become that for my sister and I!

Leslye and her sister used to babysit my sister and I. Then we babysat for her kids. Those kids are my “adopted” nieces and nephew. They hold a special place in my heart. We have laughed together. We have cried together. We have loved each other.

I stood before Leslye and Jim’s oldest daughter Lexi and married her to her best friend in her grandparents front yard. I sat with them and cried humongous tears when Jim died in a car accident. I wanted so deeply to take the ache away for all of them. Not only were they grieving but I was too. Jim had shared his family with us. Somewhere along the line, we had become family.

Three years ago, their second daughter McKenzie and her husband began fostering two little girls. Today those two girls officially became theres after a long long journey. It’s hard to put into words how much joy and love I feel with and for them even though I can’t celebrate with them yet.

God indeed answers prayers. It’s not always in our timing but in God’s timing. God is a faithful God. I trust in that promise as our days, in the midst of this pandemic, are filled even more with continuous prayers. Yet this answered prayer today solidifies that our God is a faithful faithful God.

And because of this adoption, I still feel the pull to foster. I still feel God calling me to mother in this way. And as these two sweet girls lay their heads down for the night, a forever home above their heads, I am reminded that God is here and faithful.

God will answer your prayers. God will answer my prayers; the deep desires of my heart. And as those prayers are answered, I/we will be surrounded by the love of family and friends who have become family.

For our God is a faithful God, who always hears us prayers and brings about the beautiful and holy of what it means to love and be loved.

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