For the Love of….

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day! Now I realize that tomorrow is about showing love to those you love and I truly support and encourage that. But as a very single 35 year old, V Day has always been such a difficult day for me. It’s like the flowers, and the chocolate etc are just thrown right in front of my face. V Day has become in many ways Single Awareness Day.

I hate to be that way but it is difficult when this day in particular is all about couples etc. I yearn for the day when I will not see V Day as negative but positive for me. I want to be spoiled! I want to share my love with that someone special!

Tomorrow I will choose to focus on the love that I see around me; love that is grounded in Gods love. I will celebrate my friends who are starting families. I will celebrate my classmate and friend as her husband and her gaze into the eyes of their newly born daughter. I will celebrate those relationships around me that make me smile and show me that Gods love is as wide and deep as the ocean.

I will celebrate those in my life who have blessed me! My dear friends you know who you are! And I will continue to nurture and nourish those relationships in Gods love.

I don’t know what my future holds but I trust in God. And most days that is so much easier said than done. But in time I truly believe God will bring that special person in my life. (Who knows maybe that person is already in my life?)

However for now (and I’m sorry to be this way), I find myself being cynical. So to my single friends, Happy Single Awareness Day. Or in other words, Happy Valentines Day!

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