For the Love of LuLaRoe

Back in December, my friend Lindy invited me to a LuLaRoe online pop up. I bought my first pair of buttery soft leggings and a classic tee. From the day those items arrived, I slipped into them and immediately fell in love which surprised me. I never thought I’d be a leggings as pants girl but I was wrong.

Before I knew it, my friends and I were each taking turns hosting parties. Since then, I have tried about every piece of  clothing that LuLaRoe offers. But what is it about these clothes? For me, I’ve never felt as pretty as I do in these pieces of clothing. I am no longer afraid to show off what God has given me. Instead these clothes help me to accentuate my features. These lovely clothes remind that I am indeed “fearfully and wonderfully made!” 
A few weeks ago, I was getting ready to head out for graduation open houses and to preach for our Saturday evening worship. As I got ready, I didn’t pull out my fave pair of jeans and a tshirt instead I grabbed my new grey butterfly classic tee and black leggings. I put them on and grabbed a cute pair of black sandals. I walked out my door with my head held high.

It amazes me how this clothing line has united so many of us. Together we are united as a circle of women who love who God created them to be and who can show off their assets without hiding behind a baggy piece of clothing. But this clothing isn’t just for women either. I’ve seen men wear the leggings as comfy pants as they gave gone through cancer treatments. I’ve seen husbands wear the Patrick tshirt feeling and looking good in it! 
But I think it’s about more than the clothing, it’s about standing together as brothers and sisters in Christ. We cheer for each other. We pray for each other. We celebrate together. And even when we fall in love with the same patterns, we are gracious to one another. Here’s an example: several months ago, one of the ladies I buy from did a sneak peak of her new inventory on Periscope. I saw a beautiful green maxi skirt and fell in love! The night her party opened I went onto FB and found out that someone had already claimed that skirt. I simply commented how I was to late. The other customer saw my comment and offered to let me have them. I hesitated because she had fairly claimed then. She deleted her comment and I claimed the, after she encouraged me to claim them. Every time I wear that skirt I am reminded of this woman’s graciousness. 
Who would have ever thought that clothes would be such a gift in so many different ways? Yet that is exactly what it does for me. They help me to hold my head high as I proudly wear my rhino print leggings and my dark blue and light blue striped Irma. 
You may never fully understand our love of LuLaRoe, but what I do know is that when I wear these clothes, I feel beautiful, gorgeous, and incredibly blessed. And who would have ever thought that it would begin with a few pairs of buttery soft leggings! 
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11 thoughts on “For the Love of LuLaRoe

  1. so you got me to want to google this. I am all about comfort. But it is also kinda cool to see how God has used them to which then makes them more intriguing. lol I am a hoodie wearing girl big time!

  2. so cool! I'm excited to attend the next party and eventually to get a few LuLaRoe clothes of my own! BTW, I've noticed the same post often fits Testimony Tuesday, Tell His Story,and others, and I really plan to start participating soon.

  3. I've thought about jumping on the legging bandwagon several times but have yet to do it. There are so many cute and fun prints! I might just need to splurge with some of my fun money. And what a great testimony to go along with comfy clothes 🙂

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