For the Children of Aleppo

A ten year old little boy Carlos pleas for the world to come save him and his 47 brothers and sisters from an orphanage in Aleppo. I listen to his voice while my eyes wander and glance into the eyes of all these children. I watch as another little boy sways back and forth in his place. Children who so desperately want to be able to go outside and play; who want peace to reign on earth.

These children all stand looking into the camera and quickly finding a place in my own heart. I so desperately want to take them ALL in. I want so desperately for them to know peace and freedom in their lifetime. I want so desperately to shield them from their countries own shattered hearts and dreams. I want them to not be afraid to go outside in fear of their lives.

Carlos’ words continue to echo in my ears and in my heart. His words speak truth as he reminds us that these might be the last words we hear from him. I don’t want to believe his words, but I know that he is speaking truth. This ten year old boy who had to quickly grow up two years ago when he lost his own parents to an air strike. This ten year old boy who is pleading on behalf of all of these children who are locked in their orphanage and who so deeply want to find freedom and peace. My heart is breaking for and with them.

My heart is shattered and broken; praying for these 47 beloved children of God. Will we feed them and clothe them? Will we welcome them into our homes? Will we be Christ to them? I honestly want to take them ALL in; every one of these 47 precious children standing in that orphanage in Aleppo. But I know that is not my reality, but I will fight to do what I can; to show them love and grace and freedom; to show them that death and destruction will not have the last word but God will.

And as I pray, watching these 47 children whose lives may soon be shattered and broken once again, I must weep; weep like Rachel. Weep for all of God’s beloved children who deserve to be loved; to be welcomed with open arms and hearts. Weep until there are no more tears left to cry.

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