For All To See…

It’s late and I SHOULD be sleeping but tonight is one of those nights were my brain doesn’t want to shut off! (Don’t you sometimes wish your brain had a shut off switch?!?) So since I can’t sleep, I thought I’d blog! Silly I know…but as a writer, sometimes that’s just what I need to do…..spill it out for everyone to see, hear, read…blemishes and all!! I’m probably not always the most elegant speaker but it’s what I do! It’s the one gift I really feel God has given me to share with the world! In a lot of ways, blogging is like leaving my journal open for all to see…which is an extremely scary place to be but at the same time, it is also freeing!!

So tonight because I can’t sleep and because the good ol’ brain won’t shut off, I guess I’m just going to attempt to put words on a page! Sorry if it isn’t Noble Peace prize winning or even noteworthy!!

Life is grand! I’m happy to be in a wonderful place that God has called me to! I love the people I serve!! They have blessed me! I have wonderful family and friends!! I’m blessed to have them in my life too!! Yet despite all this wonderfulness, there are still times when I feel restless; feel the Holy Spirit moving in my life! ( No reason in particular; just how I feel somedays!) And I wonder what that might mean?

This week my mind has been on the people of New Orleans and Hurricane Isaac! It was just over a month ago that I was there for the ELCA National Youth Gathering with 33,000 of my closest friends! :p So many of them are still recovering from Katrina! My prayers go out to them!

The ParaOlympics just started too! What inspiration!! And yet so many are focused on politics! Whose right? Whose wrong? Who should we elect? The ads are awful and demeaning and just plain ugly!! Why can’t we focus on what really needs to be done? Prayer and Thanksgiving! Perhaps we need to reread the book of Ephesians so we can be reminded that we are to be reconciled in Christ!!

Well that’s my journal page from this week out in the open for all to see! Hopefully I won’t regret leaving this page open later…

One thought on “For All To See…

  1. Sleepless nights are not so much fun.

    Oh Holy Spirit always moving and stirring.

    I LOVE the para-olympics. you can watch many of the events online.

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