Five Favorites Friday Five

1. Food: I love Mexican food–Enchiladas, Mexican Fried Rice. I also love German food–Knoephla soup, Dumplings, Strudels, Kuchen. Papa Johns pizza for some reason hits the spot once in a while too. Supreme pizza that is!!
2. Drink: I am normally a water drinker but sometimes I love a Dr. Pepper, or a Pure Leaf iced tea or sweet tea, etc. I also love hot tea and cappucinos etc. Once in awhile I love making a Starbucks or a Caribou stop! Alcoholic drinks–I love margaritas, Angry Orchard Apple Cider Beer or Red’s Apple Ale.
3. Animal: I am a cat lover! But I also love dogs and so many other animals!
4. Color: This one is sooo easy! I LOVE GREEN! My friends always give me a hard time when we go clothes shopping because I head straight for the green stuff. One of my all time favorite blankets that I was given by the DLC quilters has green in it! I have green eyes!
5. Time of Day: I like almost any time of the day! I like sunrises and sunsets!

Bonus: So many things I love: I love my friends and family! I love Wartburg Theological Seminary! I love Camp of the Cross ministries. I love reading and music too!

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