Feeling A Little Nostalgic and Weepy Tonight!

You know I think I finally get what my friend Heather means about reading her friends blogs that makes her feel connected even though she is in Japan. Tonight I found myself reading friend’s blogs and thinking about them. Reading their blogs definetely makes me feel connected but I sure miss them all. I am disappointed in myself. I really was hoping to go to Mark’s ordination this weekend but then there was the possibility of my dad and his gf coming to visit so I told Mark I couldnt promise anything. Now it turns out my dad and his gf arent coming and I really would like to be there on Saturday. However I dont want to drive alone. I know I could but for some reason, I just hate driving long distances by myself. Maybe I just got so sick of it when I was driving from ND to IA while I was in seminary. I could have probably caught a ride with CG and his wife which would have been awesome. But its probably too late now and secondly, I probably should save some money. I need to become a better budgeter of my money now that I am responsible for myself etc. I guess Im just feeling kind of sad because it would have been so great to share in this blessed occassion and to see dear friends from seminary that I havent seen in a really long time. I love my new job but it has been next to impossible to meet people my age here. Im sure in time I will. Sorry guys didnt mean to get so weepy and/or reflective. Guess Im just feeling that way tonight. Congratulations Mark and know that even though Im not there physically. I am definetely there in spirit! Safe travels to all who are traveling to MN for the big day! I love you all! Take care! God bless!!

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