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I am feeling totally inspired today so I sat down to write some poetry. I havent written in awhile so I wasnt sure how it would go but once I began writing, it was awesome. No writers block today. Maybe I was inspired by the awesome people in my life…the ones Ive met and the ones I havent met. There is such an awe-someness to finding good friends…no great friends. My friend Heather sent me a surprise package today from Japan. She sent me Japanese Green Tea flavored treats so it will be interesting to see what they taste like. She totally made my day since I didnt expect the package from her. And another two of my friends got around to emailing me which also made my day. I sure get excited by the little things in life but I think sometimes we often forget to focus on the awe-someness of those little things. So here is my masterpiece from today…ok maybe its not a masterpiece but I think its pretty alright. Hope you all enjoy it.

A True Friend
By Tara L Ulrich
A true Friend
Drives over twelve hours
To share
In your special day.
A true friend
Calls or emails just to say
I miss you
And am thinking of you.
A true friend
asks how your mom is
Knowing the illness
She struggles with
Each and every day.
A true friend
Sends a
special unexpected package
“A just because I like you” gift.
A true friend
is there to give
a hug
when you need it.
A true friend
Celebrates with you
In your joys
and comforts you
In your sorrows
Even if you are miles apart.
A true friend
Simply accepts
You for you.
A true friend
is an wonderful
Gift from God!

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