Feeling Blessed!

I kind of feel like Ive fallen off the blogging face of the Earth. Sorry everyone. Im finally settled in my apt and things here at the new church are going splendidly. They have been soooo good to me and have made me feel so welcome. What a blessing this place is! The last few weeks have been full of traveling. Pastor and I went to a Milestone Ministry conference the first days of Aug. I got to have breakfast with a Diaconal friend which was awesome. For those I didnt call, sorry but I dont have your cell number…so in some ways I think its your own fault that I wasnt able to contact you…LOL….just kidding Stumbling, You’re the first on my list next time I promise. After that, I worked and got settled. Then last weekend, I went to some camp friends wedding. It was so great to see old friends. Some of them I probably haven’t seen in three years or so. Crazy huh! I’m so glad I went. Life here is fabulous. I love being near friends and knowing I always have someone to hang out with. On Fri night I spent time with two couple friends from seminary. The one couples two little girls are absolutely adorable and it was good to catch up with them. I am looking forward to getting to do more of that. Other than that, not much is happening. However Im starting to wonder what this next year holds….maybe Ill find Mr. Right…who knows but I did catch the bouquet at the wedding. Scary huh! Well I should get back to work. Im in the office myself today and have gotten a few things done but really should try and get more stuff done. Hope you are all staying cool. I am hoping to be able to blog more steadily now. Sorry for not posting for awhile. Well Im off to lunch!

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