Fast Friday Five

1. Wearing-Im wearing my yellow flip-flops, orange shorts, and multi-colored tank top

2. Reading-The Cloister Walk, Bound and Free by Douglas John Hall

3. Eating-I had an enchilada and rice for lunch

4. Doing-Checking email, then off to mail some baby gifts, then some errands

5. Pondering-About my new adventure and life

6 thoughts on “Fast Friday Five

  1. Cloister Walk is a great book! Enjoy! Plus, anything by Hall is worth reading.

    Talk to ya later alligator!

  2. So, things have been kinda like cloaks and daggers here lately. 🙂 Mysterious and what not. Can we ask what the adventure is? BTW, if you check my Facebook profile, you can see pics of my latest adventure. 🙂 See ya.

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