Fascinating Friday Five

1. Would you call yourself “creative”? Why or why not? Yeah. I love to scrapbook, love to write poetry and short stories, love to take pictures, etc. So yeah I would say Im creative.

2. Share a creative or artistic pursuit you currently do that you’d like to develop further. Hmmm I would have to say Ive kind of let my writing stories and poetry go as of late so I think Id like to pick that back up and develop it more. Id also like to develop my photography skills some.

3. Share a creative or artistic pursuit you have never done but would like to try. Knitting, Crocheting, and Im sure there are other things I would love to try too.

4. Complete this sentence: “I am in awe of people who can _____________.” sing beautifully and compose music.

5. Share about a person who has encouraged your creativity, who has “called you to your best self.” (I’m pretty sure that’s from the Gospel of Oprah. This one is easy for me. So many people have really helped me to be creative. I would say Mrs. K and Mrs. H in high school saw my love for writing etc and told me never to give up on my dreams. My family. My mom said when I was little all she had to do was give me a pen and paper and I was a happy kid. I would just sit and write for hours. My friends at camp encouraged me. My seminary crew also encouraged me. In fact, I think, it was probably at seminary when I really began to write more etc because they saw that gift in me.

2 thoughts on “Fascinating Friday Five

  1. It is wonderful that you had so many people who recognized your gifts and encouraged you. So many times we fail to offer that to children and adults and their gifts wither away from disuse.

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