Fallon, Kidman, and Clooney

Earlier this past week, Jimmy Fallon had Nicole Kidman as a guest on his show. The whole piece was about how he blew a chance to date her. If you haven’t watched this, you must watch THIS! (So funny! It totally is worth it to watch the full nine minutes)

And then later this week, a friend introduced me to a piece by Annie Downs. Annie’s post was totally a post that touched my heart. (Thanks for leading me to it KA!) Annie talks about how God hears us. God sees us. You can read Annie’s post here: What I Learned about God from Nicole and Jimmy

Then tonight another celebrity reminded me that it’s never too late. George Clooney got up to accept his Cecille B DeMille Lifetime achievement award. He was talking about how everyone in the room is a winner. But then he got kind of teary eyed and talked about how incredible it is to find someone to love. He then proceeded to say “especially when you have waited 53 years for that someone to love.” George’s words reminded me that God does hear our every desire and our every word. Yet that is so easy to forget sometimes especially when you ache and yearn for something SO DEEPLY!!!

And this week it was three celebrities who reminded me again that God DOES hear me. God DOES know every  desire of my heart. And sometimes God needs to send simple reminders through people I see every day but also sometimes through simple conversations from people who I love to watch on the big screen.

Thank you to George, Jimmy, and Nicole for reminding me that life is a roller coaster and sometimes you miss the opportunity if you don’t get on the ride. But most of all for reminding me that it is never to late to find that special someone to love. So I am continuing to choose to be brave and to trust in this one who indeed HEARS me!

12 thoughts on “Fallon, Kidman, and Clooney

  1. I absolutely love Jimmy Fallon! Nearly everything he does is hilarious. I haven't watched this bit, but I've seen it on my FB feed recently a lot, so I'll definitely go have a look. It's funny how sometimes God reaches us by way of things and people we'd never have thought, isn't it? I'm so glad God touched your heart, my friend! Love you!

  2. That was so funny. I enjoyed laughing. It is amazing how much God speaks to us, but sometimes we don't even pay attention. I'm glad you were able to hear God through the week. Thanks for the reminder, he is always there.

  3. I also loved what George said – especially when he said – winners/ losers? no way, if you are in this room, you have caught the brass ring – but actually there is only one brass ring, George – I hope you have caught the only one that really matters.

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