Fair Season Has Arrived!

Not much has been happening lately but now its fair season. Our local county fair starts today and runs through Sat. For a county fair, not too bad. I wish I had people around to share in the fun with but oh well. This week has been pretty busy. The youth and I have been busy making a float for the fair. We have had a lot of fun and the end product actually is really cute! I’m so excited about it. Just a few finishing touches….like adding our float number and putting a Zion Lutheran Church poster in the back of the float. Other than that, not much left. I head to B-town tomorrow to get my eyes checked….its been exactly two weeks Sat since I started wearing contacts and I definetely am enjoying them. There are some things I’ve had to get used too like being careful of not tearing my contacts and losing them. I’ve done both but it happens. Im sure in time I’ll be a pro at this. Well I should get back to work. For those awaiting my news, the time should be here soon so just hold your horses a tish longer! I promise when I can I’ll tell you! Stay Cool!

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