An Experiment

So I decided I wanted to try an experiment. I am running out of ideas for cooking meals for one. I love cooking but somedays its so hard and Im so tired so Im looking for some ideas for meals that are easy,good for singles, etc. Hope you all can help me out! Im excited to see what kind of ideas you all have! I might even give a shout out to my faves after Ive tried the ones you give me!

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  1. I wish I was a good cook so I could give you ideas.. However, if you google, “Cooking for one,” think there are probably some intesting recipes… 🙂 Let us know so that those of us who might be interested in cooking for one can see what’s up!

  2. I suppose that the popcorn-and-M&M's medley that I called "dinner" for much of my early 20's doesn't count…

    One article of equipment that you need to have if you don't already is a contact grill. Because on those days when you don't want to think too hard about what to eat, a grilled piece of protein, microwaved potato and salad of your choice, or grilable veggies like summer squashes, bell pepppers, asparagus, etc., are your friends. (BTW, I ignore the manufacturers' instructions to not grill boned meat on a contact grill — I do it all the time with no problem.)

    When I was single I also liked to make soup in my crockpot…I love soup, and have a high leftover tolerance, so I could get three days of meals out of one big crock of soup…and even if you do get weary of some particular dish, you can freeze the leftovers for a quickie reheat.

    Another tip — at our house we tend to spend a little extra on spice mixes, marinades, simmer sauces and other "extras," because they're an easy way to dress up some mundane food like chicken breasts.

    And…don't know what your sentiments about vegetarian dishes or legumes are, but lentils are a fairly fast, tasty entree ingredient. One of our favorite meatless meals around here is cooked lentils mixed with a Seeds of Change or other simmer sauce, served over rice or scooped up in pita bread.

  3. Hey Tara — Liz’s friend Kelley here. Not sleeping tonight so going through old favorite web sites I saved and found your blog! Sounds like, from Liz, you are doing well and had a nice visit to Wisconsin.

    When I want variety but don’t want to cook each night, I take one day and make two or three dishes. Then I line up a bunch of small containers and fill each one until all the containers are full and/or all the food is dished out to different ones. Then, I pick a couple out for that night and the next day and I put the rest in the freezer. For the next week, I have two or three different thing to choose from and depending on need, I just pull one or two out each night and put them in the fridge. By the time I need them the next day they are thawed and ready to go.

    Makes for some variety but not always having to cook each night. I also use my crock pot a lot and my George Forman or my grill pan…as noted above.

    Again, hope you are doing well…Kelley Foehrkolb

  4. I can relate as I struggle most nights cooking for two. I have learned first to plan everything out at least a week in advance. So usually I have about 8-10 days of meals planned. I look for recipes for four or so and then use whatever is leftover for lunch the next day! Works really well… I have been struggling though being back in school. Anyways, this taco taco salad is AWESOME! Here are a few more ideas. I’ll try to remember to email or comment when I find others that are must makes!

    Sloppy Joes

    Asian Beef

    Super Easy Beef Stroganoff

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