Ever Have One of Those Moments

Have you ever had one of those moments when you really realize how big of a blessing someone/something is in your life? Yes, we realize how these people/things are blessings most of the time but have you ever had one of those “aha God” moments, I get why you brought so and so into my life. Tonight at my friend B’s wedding I had one of those moments. B and I met at camp and he calls me the “older sister he never wanted.” Well I was watching everyone dance etc. He came over, grabbed my hand, and took me out onto the dance floor. His wife and him met swing dancing so most of their music was swing music. He tried to teach me to swing dance. Now it’s such a little moment but a moment that reminds me of how important this person is in my life. Thank you God for the blessing of our friendship! And as I think of this moment, I am reminded that as I wait patiently for my Mr. Right, B will still be my friend and make sure that I get who I deserve!

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