Easter Reflection

I was doing dishes but had to stop to write some emails before I forgot to send them. So since I was already on the Internet, decided it was time to post a quick post. Sometimes I wonder if I even have any readers since sometimes I go days without getting any comments but I know there are at least a few that read and because I dont want to lose you as readers or dont want you to get bored, I post. But enough about that, not much is happening here. Its a crazy time of the year. I have a lock-in tomorrow night which Im actually excited about. It should be a blast. Im also busily preparing for the youth’s Easter breakfast and the Sunrise service which the youth are doing this year. Im psyched for that too. You know Easter is one of my fave holidays yet I find myself struggling this year…struggling with the fact that in my job this is a busy time and it is hard to focus on the meaning of Easter when I am immersed in all the business of life, work, etc. However today I did find time to actually sit down and write a poem entitled Mary Magdalene’s song. I was working on writing a skit etc for our sunrise service and I think because I was so focused, I finally felt like I could reflect on Easter and its true meaning. Im going to try and spend more time during Holy Week reflecting on all Christ did for me when he died on the cross. What an amazing gift!

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