Easter Joy Comes in the Morning!

“Easter says you can put truth in the grave, but it won’t stay there”–Clarence W. Hall

Today is the day that continually reminds us that death does not have the last word but that God does. In the midst of our own struggles, there are days that we cannot even comprehend that death does not have the last word but that God does especially when we sit with those we love and say goodbye to them. We find ourselves overcome by darkness looking for even just that little bit of light. We find ourselves looking for the hope that we have lost. But today Easter reminds us to hang on and to trust in this one who overcomes death in the grave. “Resurrection announces that whatever way death, despair, and destruction have got you in their grip, they do not have the last word (Rob Bell).”

There are days that I am mightly aware of how death, despair and destruction have me in their grip. And I am sure there are days you are mightly aware too. There are days I desperately yearn to be a wife and mom. There are days I desperately wonder if God hears my prayers. Yet, even in that despair, I want to cling to the promise that we proclaim today; “Jesus Christ is risen today! He is risen indeed! Alleluia! Alleluia!”

One of the things I love about Easter is continually being reminded of the joy that comes on Easter morning. I watched as the group I am taking to the national youth gathering this summer served breakfast this morning. I watched as the kids excitedly found Easter eggs as part of our egg hunt. I listened as the fanfare of my favorite Easter hymns were sung. I found myself realizing how this day reminds me again and again of what Christ did for me.

But again we cannot experience the joy of Easter without first experiencing Jesus’ seven last words. We cannot experience it without standing at the foot of the cross as his hands and nails are nailed to the cross. There are times, in my life, that I find myself guilty of holding that very hammer. We cannot experience it without hearing Jesus’ utter his last words, “It is finished.” And we cannot experience it without seeing him laid into the tomb.

Then today we come to the tomb like Mary and the others finding the stone rolled away and Jesus’ body gone. I cannot imagine what it was like to come that day and not see Jesus laying there because the dead are not supposed to leave. Dead is dead! But that is the thing, my friends, when death, and despair, and destruction think they have the tightest, most unbearable grip on us, God shows up and shows us that death in no way has the last word but that God does.

Last night as I read one of my favorite Psalms (Psalm 30: verse 5) “Weeping may come for the night, but joy comes in the morning” it took on a whole new meaning for me. For it is in Christ’s death, that we weep; weep with Mary and all those who loved him but then we come on Easter morning and see with our own eyes that joy especially Easter joy does come in the morning.

Mourning into Dancing (Ben Larson)
(Click on the link above to hear this version of Psalm 30)

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10 thoughts on “Easter Joy Comes in the Morning!

  1. Beautiful! The more I've grown in my faith over the last few years, the more significant everything that Jesus did for me becomes. I cried at church this morning thinking about the magnitude of God's love for us to suffer like He did. I've lived life in total darkness for years and years and it feels so amazing to finally receive this sacrifice! Oh what joy Jesus brings to my life. Oh how brightly His light shines in my life. Even when darkness tries to overcome His light, it doesn't last long anymore. That joy keeps coming every morning! Praise be to Jesus!
    Thank you for sharing! Loved hearing your heart. I am continuing to pray for a God to bring you peace as you wait on His perfect timing for all the blessings He has for you!

  2. as humans we're always saying we'll do something when something else happens, but as soon as I get semi-relocated to LA, I'm going to connect with a lot of the bloggers and writing prompts you've been doing. They all seem amazingly wonderful and supportive!

    I blogged three weeks of grace worth a few minutes ago: weeks of grace 18 – 19 – 20. Similar to what you've written here, yesterday Pastor J quoted Buechner, "The worst thing is not the last thing."

    • I have been so blessed by other bloggers and writing prompts etc. I pray you are as blessed as I have been by these groups. That quote from Buechner is another one of my faves too!

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