Easter Alleluias

Sounds of children laughing and playing outdoors…..

New life beginning to sprout again….

Bicycles and roller blades gliding across the sidewalks and streets….

Each of these are sure signs that Spring has sprung. But most of all, it is a sure sign that life overcomes death. That death has been defeated by Christ’s resurrection from the grave. Yet sometimes it is hard to see and believe in that promise, but my friends, the truth is that death can and has been defeated. Clarence W. Hall says, “Easter says you can put death in the grave, but it won’t stay there.”

Many around me have suffered unspeakable death in the last days and weeks. Yet these individuals have shown me what strength looks like. My friend Julia gave natural birth to her daughter at 23 weeks and one day. Kaia lived for 90 minutes. In the days following, Julia and her hubby have had their days of tears and pj wearing, but more than anything, they have been the strongest individuals; clinging to their faith; clinging to the promise of the Ressurection.

Six years ago, my friends Ben, Jon, and Renee were in Haiti during the earthquake. Ben lost his life that day. But in their grief, they continued to tell their story and are amazing faithful witnesses to the power of life. Renee wrote a book about their journey; a book that is a sign of new life. (You can check out Renee’s book A Witness Here!)

These are only a few stories of the power of life and death. In This Easter season, I’m continually thankful for the gift of Gods son who died on the cross, but then was raised from the dead. God loved us so much that God sent Gods only son into the world for each and every one of us. As we’ve journeyed from the table and the foot washing;  to Jesus’ death on the cross; to that silent time in between; and finally to the empty tomb, we can cry out with our own Alleluias; Allelulias that proclaim the power over death and the cross.

Jesus Christ is risen today.
He is risen indeed.
Alleluia! Alleluia!

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16 thoughts on “Easter Alleluias

  1. Thanks Tara! Amen. And it's crazy that even as death is so real, life wants to push through…like Jules and Zach talking about Kaia playing peekaboo with grandpa! God put life in our DNA, and Easter reminds us of that – in the earth, in your hearts, and in our everyday encounters. thanks.

  2. The power of the resurrection and the fact that Christ has conquered death must bring comfort for you and your dear friends who have endured such hurt. Death is not the end, when Christ is ours. Happy Spring, Tara.

    • Thanks friend. I love how real it is too. Thanks for the prayers for my friends. They are so greatly appreciated. I too am thankful that the Comforter draws near in times like this as well. Love you right back dear friend!

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