Don’t Ever Forget!

 I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. The FMF is hosted by Kate Motaung on her blog Heading Home. Today’s prompt is “forgot” and is dedicated to my friend Andrew.

Do you remember to tell those you love that you love them? Or sometimes do you forget? It is important for us to not forget.

I have been thinking a lot about those that I have lost in this life …who are already in heaven. My Grandma Bess, my Grandpa Sam, my friends Ben, Mandy and Shan, and oh so many others. I have so many great memories. I do not want to forget them.

I remember my sister and I used to call Grandma and Grandpa’s house. Grandpa, Ann and I had this game we used to play every time that we called. He would say “Who am I talking to…George, Henry, etc?” We would laugh and say yep and we must be talking to Fred.” It always made us giggle. I miss those phone calls. Hard to believe Grandpa has been gone almost 12 years and Grandma 8 years.

My blog friend Andrew doesn’t forget either. He still finds a way to blog and visit his Five Minute Friday friends. Tonight Andrew shared that he had almost died earlier tonight. It breaks my heart. He has been suffering for so long. I am not sure if Andrew will be here tomorrow or the next day or the next, but what I won’t ever forget is the kind words Andrew has shared with me and so many others. Like Andrew, I will never forget to tell those I love that I love them. And Andrew, we love you and won’t forget you either!

Tears of love…

Tears of friendship…

Tears that won’t ever forget the many beautiful souls that have and will continue to bless my life.

Tears that know the power of God’s love for each and every one of us.

May we never forget to share that love with one another.

So tonight, my friends, know that you are indeed loved!!!!!

38 thoughts on “Don’t Ever Forget!

  1. Amen. I don't do this enough. Thank you for reminding me to not forget to tell others that I love them, they are important to me and I appreciate them in my life. You are one of those people! I appreciate you and your friendship and support and wisdom.

    • I think a lot of us don't do this enough, but I am going to try and take the time to do it more. At the slain Fargo ND police officer's funeral, the pastor told people to reach for the hand of the loved one next to them. He also encouraged us to remember to take time to do these things with those we love. I appreciate you in my life too!

  2. Tara, beautiful. We need to remember to share those three words, words of affirmation with those we love. We must remember that those words matter. Thank you for sharing a piece of you tonight, my friend.

  3. Love you and love this post and love Andrew and all of our FMF friends.
    Mmm. Tonight has been so comforting!
    Thanks, Tara.
    I believe I slid in at 3rd place this week. 😀

  4. Thank you for this, Tara. I started tearing up when you talked about your games you played with your grandparents. For me, it's always the nicknames my grandma (who passed in 2014) called me. Twink or Missy. Or how we used to mimic the weatherman's desperation about storms, or joke about depression meds side effects they showed on tv…

    Thank you for out for the reminder to tell those you love you love them, too. ❤️


  5. This is good for me to hear today. I had a conflict with someone last night and now, in the light of day, I can see how I did NOT share God's love with them in the midst of my own hurt. Oh how easy it can be to forget the power God's love can have.

  6. Tara, losing loved ones is a painful thing. We keep them alive in our memories, just as you have with those you mention here. Death tends to make us more aware of the value of being alive and the importance of saying those three very important words more often to those we love. Thank you for this good reminder. Bless you, friend! 🙂 x

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