Do Not Read If You Havent Seen The Finale of America’s Got Talent Yet!

If you are a fan of America’s Got Talent and you havent watched the finale yet then you better not read the rest of this entry. I must admit Im a huge reality tv junkie. I love to watch shows like Americas Got Talent, American Idol, Amazing Race, Big Brother etc etc etc. Well tonight I sat down to delight in the finale of America’s Got Talent, and yes America does have talent. I was totally awed by what I saw. I couldnt believe how many young acts had such awesome talent. Taylor Ware, The Millers, Bianca Ryan, etc. From the very beginning I fell in love with Bianca. Not only does she have an amazing voice but she is cute and is an awesome entertainer. I thought it was so cool when Brandi told her that she made her want to go practice more. It was even more awesome when all the judges compared her to a young Liza Minelli. How amazing to be compared to such a wonderful performer! Well tonight they got down to the buttom and there were three left…Taylor Ware, Bianca Ryan, and Celtic Spring. Before Regis even read it, I knew Bianca had won. But what happened next just made me cry, Bianca was totally shocked and tears fell from her eyes. Regis handed her the million dollars and asked her if she would sing one last time. She was like Ill try. I am so happy she won. And all I can say is YOU GO GIRL! Congratulations Bianca!

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