This word looks at me every day when I sit at my computer. I love that this is the word people see when they walk into my office. It frames who I am as a called child of God into the ministry of Word and Service. Now you may be asking yourself, what does diakonia mean? Diakonia means service. In my call to Diaconal ministry, I am called to pick up my basin and towel; to serve God in Word and service; bridging the gap between the church and the world. This ministry is my passion. It is what I love to do. It can be frustrating being in an area where people don’t understand my call. However I’m so thankful for those that do support me in this journey. It makes life so much easier.

Diakonia is such a powerful world! It embodies who I am as a called child of God. It embodies my love to serve all God’s people…even the less fortunate, the down-trodden, etc. How do you envision diakonia? What does diakonia mean to you? What gifts do you see diaconal ministers bring to the ELCA?

Diakonia—–“to serve” 🙂

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