Diaconal Not Diagonal Minister

So I didnt win the award but thats okay it is an honor to be nominated. Turns out I was nominated in one of the hardest categories, there were like 10 other people nominated. It was cool though that a few people told me that I truly deserved it. But enough about that now on to todays adventure….meeting with the bishop. To be honest, Im not quite sure how I feel about it because it was a good conversation. However Bishop Danielson was very honest in letting me know that people figure they can have a Pastor over a Diaconal Minister etc. He really has me thinking about how to educate and explain to congregations what a Diaconal Minister is and does. He also said that we would start here in Western North Dakota but if things didnt progress here, we would open it up to the rest of region three which makes me feel a little better. Not much else to tell about my meeting. However Liz I found myself talking with my hands quite vigourously and later driving home found myself laughing about who I got that from…LOL! But I guess the only thing to do now is wait and continue to ponder who I am as a Diaconal Minister, as a Child of God, etc.

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