Devoud of Hope

“And said to him, “Are you the one who is to come, or are we to wait for another?”–Matthew 11:3B

There are days that I wake up and immediately want to crawl back under the covers. This morning, after opening my Twitter feed, that’s exactly what I wanted to do. At least 25 killed in a church bombing in Cairo Egypt. Approximately 160 killed in a church collapse in Nigeria. And in my own beloved state, there are still people–Protestors, water protectors, law enforcement etc–on both sides of the conflict in regards to the Dakota Access Pipeline . So, it seems the world is devoud of hope–where is this hope for which we are looking for? 

I want to believe that hope changes things, but I’ll admit that it is hard to trust in when it seems our world is devoud of hope. Are we looking for the wrong one? Are we looking in the wrong places? Where is this hope for which we all speak of? 

I want to be a hopegiver in this world. Its hard to give that hope when it seems impossible to find; when it seems the world is hopeless. Yet the truth is that hope is here. Hope is in showing love and kindness to one another. Hope is found in one of the first refuge families; the holy family. Hope is found in this precious infant who cries out into the world; in the silence of the night. Hope is and can be found if we look for it among this broken world. 

We must not forget that hope was born in the stench and stealth of the manger; where joy, hope, peace, justice, kindness and mercy were birthed into this world. For this child came to change the world and change us. Are we willing to let this gift of hope transform each of us? 

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