Deep in the Earth

I am linking up for the Five Minute Friday. This is also day 11 of Write 31 days. This week’s FMF word prompt is “deep.” We would love to have you join us.

“Sometimes we have to bury dreams, leave them deep in the Earth behind us.”—-Red Sea Road; Ellie Holcomb

Isn’t that the truth? Sometimes life throws us a curveball. Old dreams have to be laid to rest while new dreams emerge.

A few years ago, I buried a symbol deep in the Earth on Estes Cone in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. This symbol was a symbol of letting go of the past and looking with hope toward the future. As my friend Scott reminded me after coming down the mountain, sometimes one must go higher up to see what lies below.

The earth is such a holy place too. I think of my family as they plant seeds deep in the ground and then later harvest those fields. A very early snowstorm has prevented them from harvesting soybeans. (Please pray for all of these farmers as they may have to leave the fields and not harvest them….which could mean burying of dreams for some)

10 thoughts on “Deep in the Earth

  1. Yeah, there’s lots of buried dreams
    in the earth, beneath the rubble,
    but life’s not always what it seems
    and I’m going back, with a shovel.
    Maybe I should just let them lay
    but I don’t hold with letting go,
    and so they’ll see the light of day
    once again, and then I’ll know
    if my heart can stay steadfast
    and true to meanings once were loved,
    and will I have the strength to last
    and grasp hot iron, hand ungloved.
    In old defeat may come victory,
    or maybe not, but we shall see.

  2. I have buried the old dreams behind me, but the new dreams haven’t emerged yet. Thank you for this encouragement that sometimes going higher up helps us see what is below. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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