A Much Needed Healing Friday Five

“Deb over at RevGalBlogPals writes, “I am an enthusiastic newspaper reader. Lately, however, world events have made it hard to read and process the pain in the world around me. Perhaps you have struggled with this, too.

So, with the events of the violence and tragedy from the Boston Marathon fresh in our memories, I thought it would be good for us to focus on where as RevGalBlogPals, we find healing, peace and strengthening. As a chaplain, there are days where I never seem to catch my breath, and invariably, those are the days that I need it the most! So with all this in mind, share with us these healing things”

I think many of us are in need of a healing space today and this week. So here’s my fave healing spaces:

1. A piece of music–There is so much music that is healing for me. But one of the most healing pieces of music for me is Ben Larson’s version of Psalm 30. Ben lost his life in the Haiti earthquake and this is the song of his we used during a worship service the night we found out he was gone. Click on this link to listen to the song: Mourning into Dancing.

2. A place—Super Awesome Bible Camp, spending time in the Rocky Mountains, spending time on the prairies of NoDak

3. A favorite food (they call it “comfort food” for a reason—I am such a German girl. Knoephla, Dumplings, Strudels, Kuechen, just about anything German. I also love Mexican food.

4. A recreational pastime (that you watch or participate in—Zumba, spending time with friends and family, watching my guilty pleasure tv shows etc

5. A poem, Scripture passage or other literature that speaks to comfort you. “Whether we live or whether we die, we are the Lords”

BONUS: People, animals, friends, family – share a picture of one or many of these who warm your heart. There are so many people that warm my heart. I wish I could post a pic of them all. Love you all and you all know who you are! My friend Carrie and I at our friend Ben’s wedding

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