A Cup of Chai and Fond Memories

I just got back from Caribou Coffee where I went to get a nice hot cup of Chai. 🙂 So needless to say, the cup of chai has me remembering some very fond times involving cups of Chai. Liz and MacKenzie how funny that we once were sitting in a small local coffee shop in Dubuque memorizing the Small Cathecism. Seems like it was just yesterday doesnt it? But I must admit my fave Chai memories were just hanging out at the Grondahls playing games, and doing whatever….but some how there always seemed to be a cup of Chai waiting for me. Hopefully soon my call will happen and I will be in my own apartment where I too will have chai readily available for my visitors. I just hope you all come visit sometime. 😉 But enough about all of that. I didnt have much to say and am enjoying my Chai which prompted me to write this entry. Its a little chilly here tonight and I just needed a little something to warm me up. Miss you all so much. God bless!!

3 thoughts on “A Cup of Chai and Fond Memories

  1. Hey Tara,

    Chai with you sure sounds good to me right now! I miss hanging out with you and your gift of enabling me to procrastinate!!


  2. Hey –

    I wish I could bring you a cup of Chai right now! Someday, eh?

    We miss you too. Our new apartment just doesn’t seem as home-ish without our crowd of friends to entertain.

    We’re keeping you always in our prayers.

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