Craving What I Didn’t Know I Needed

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Advent is my fave season of the church year. It is a time that I crave; to slow down and remember what this season is truly about. In the midst of our broken world and as I watched the fires in Tennessee or listened to the hatred and evil I heard in our world, I knew I was in need of something different; something that would allow me to voice the brokenness I am feeling in this world. 

Two of my friends created an Advent devotional called “Rend the Heavens.” Each day there is a prompt text and word. It has allowed me to simply write how I am feeling in our world; to remember our Jesus who was born in the stench and stealth of the manger. To be honest, this devo is something that I didn’t even know or realize I was craving until I started participating in it. 

It is amazing how craving something we don’t know we need can be so holy. I am feeling a connectedness and a holiness in this Advent season that I don’t know about you, but that I have needed after watching the news or opening a newspaper. It has been balm for my soul! 

May you find the ways that your cravings are met this Advent season too! 

30 thoughts on “Craving What I Didn’t Know I Needed

  1. You're so right. There are times when God gives me something I didn't know I was craving. How wonderful that He gave you that devotional. May it bring peace to your spirit in this crazy season, my friend!

  2. The season of Advent always reminds me of the "do over" feeling I used to get from the start of the school year. A time to reconnect with what matters most, and truly await God during this holy season.
    Patricia (FMF#37)

  3. I keep up with Ann Voskamp her candle lightings each week for the advent season. But, I never thought of a devo. That sounds cool. I try hard not to listen, read, nor watch news anymore. It's so very depressing. I do see posts of other's about all the bad nastiness going on. All I know to do is pray for all of those mean and bad people. For, Yahweh's Word tells us we're to love our enemies. I try very hard! It is so very hard!

    Here's my post:
    A Wife's Reflection – Crave-Desire

    • I have read Ann's Advent devotional a few times. It really is so depressing to watch the news. Yes, love our enemies as well as love your neighbors as you love yourself. I try too, but you are right…it is so very hard.

  4. This sounds like a great devotional, Tara. My home church doesn't have specific Advent practices, but I began to write about Advent as I thought more about it, and I also discovered some lovely resources online. I try to vary what I use each year, books especially. I love hearing how God has blessed you in surprising ways by revealing the answer to an inner need you didn't know you had! It's so good when that happens. May you have a deeply blessed Advent season, my friend. xo

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