Crabby Pants

Well I was in a good mood today until I got to work and found out that my hours had been cut. I dont think I was even there more than five minutes before they said something to me. It has been happening a lot at this place but I managed to escape it up until now. And they say it wont be long because they are adding three new stores a week from Sunday but yet people are still getting their hours cut. Do they really expect us to stick around until they give us our hours back etc? It just really pisses me off. But on a good note, Special Olympics asked me to come and help them out and stuff in the mornings doing secretarial stuff so I might do that until I find out whats going to happen with Hazen. In fact a week from today begins the adventure in Hazen, and I truly hope it goes well. Sometimes it is so hard to leave everything especially the call process left up to everyone but myself. And thanks to my friend Mark for posting a quote that I think many of us needed to hear today. You can check out the quote by clicking on the Stumbling Towards Divinity link on my blogpage. I guess thats it for now. Miss you all so much. God bless!

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  1. Hey – Just wanted to let you know that The Gathering has sent me a form letter and I’m not what they wanted. This seemed easier than posting it on my blog. Most people who I would want to know about it read this. Anyway, I’m sorry about your hours getting cut. That sucks.


  2. Hey Kenz—sorry about The Gathering stuff. That stinks. Thanks for sharing it with me though and I can understand you posting it here. Not much going on except my weekend with the church in Hazen. I get to be part of a lock-in tonight so we will see how that goes. Im feeling pretty okay about the possibilities here but the weekend isnt over yet so Im just going to be patient and take my time. But on a good note, I get to see a dear friend from camp who I havent seen in ages. WOO HOO! Yeah my hours getting cut sucks but oh well guess Ill survive. Hopefully a call will be on the horizon soon. Miss you lots. GOd bless!!

    Tara Bear

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