A Couple Days Late Friday Five!

1. How did you celebrate this time of year when you were a child? We usually dressed in Halloween costumes. Mom would take us out Trick or Treating!Then Mom and Dad would sort through our candy to make sure it was safe and stuff.

2. Do you and/or your family “celebrate” Halloween? Why or why not? And if you do, has it changed from what you used to do? Yeah we celebrated Halloween and no it hasnt really changed.

2. Candy apples: Do you prefer red cinnamon or caramel covered? Or something else? Caramel covered of course!

3. Pumpkins: Do you make Jack O’ Lanterns? Any ideas of what else to do with them? I haven’t made a Jack O’Latern in a long time!

4. Do you decorate your home for fall or Halloween? If so, what do you do? Bonus points for pictures. No not really.

5. Do you like pretending to be something different? Does a costume bring our an alternate personality? I like dressing up and no it doesnt bring about an alternate personality.

Bonus: Share your favorite recipe for an autumn food, particularly apple or pumpkin ones. I can’t really think of one at this moment. Sorry! I think I’ve caught a cold or something…not feeling the greatest today! I’ll try to think of a recipe and will post it later!

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