Country Music and Fried Pickles

We woke up to a very wet day. Ann and I got ready for our day and walked to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum which was directly behind our hotel. However due to some road construction, we had to take the roundabout way to arrive there. Ann and I arrived at the Museum at 8:45 am. The doors didn’t open until 9 am. Ann and I waited under a small awning by the doors with a dad and his teenager daughter.

Soon it was 9 am and the doors were opened. Ann and I along with the Dad and daughter immediately got in line. We received our sound devices that we could play as we worked our way through the museum. The device was our tour guide. We showed our ticket to the worker, got inside the elevator, and the worker pushed the button for the second floor.

We stepped off of the elevator and into the beginning of the museum. As we stepped off, directly in front of us was the Taylor Swift Education room. From there we moved along to Trisha Yearwood Parkway where there was the wedding dress and the reception dress she wore when she married Garth Brooks. We continued to work our way through the museum. There was so much to see: Elvis beloved car, his gold piano, the set from Hee Haw, Buck Owen’s red, white, and blue guitar, and so much more.

Ann and I wound our way around the third floor of the museum. Then we took the staircase down to the second floor where we again saw so much more. We spotted the special Luke Bryan exhibit which Ann had been waiting all week to see. We learned that his real name is “Thomas Luther Bryan.” We quickly finished looking through the museum before we had to go downstairs and wait for our bus to RCA Studio B.

We rode the elevator down to the front lobby and then waited for the bus to come. Soon a teal bus with the words Historic Studio B on it along with a picture of Dolly Parton pulled up. We got on the bus, found a seat and sat down. On the way to the studio, our tour guide gave us a brief history of the studio.

Soon we arrived at the studio. The tour guide allowed us a little bit of time to take our pictures in front of the studio. We all gathered in the first room of the studio. We picked out a few musicians who recorded at Studio B: Charlie Pride and a few others. Then she told us about them. We also listened to some music from Elvis and other Studio B musicians.

We walked through the hallway and turned into a room on our right. It was the originally recording studio. Once inside, we all took in the sights and sounds of this room. Dolly Parton’s original recording of “Jolene” filled the room. Goosebumps appeared on my skin as I continued to take in these historic sights and sounds. The tour guide pointed out to us that all of the items except the drum set were original to the building. After awhile, we all sat down and our tour guide continued to tell us about this historic space.

After awhile, we all climbed back onto the bus. Looking out our window, fresh rain drops on it, we took one final photo of this historic place. We went back to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum. Ann and I went back to the second floor and finished out the tour. On this floor, there was many interactive stations. We sang karaoke. Then we created our own cd covers. Along the way there was a giant guitar. Ann and I each took turns sticking our faces in the sound hole and snapping a quick photo.

We finished at the museum and walked into the Hall of Fame which is in a round. The words “The circle will never be unbroken” hung on the wall in the Hall of Fame. We stood and took in the names of all the musicians that have been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Once we finished at the Hall of Fame, Ann and decided to check out their gift shop. After awhile, we didn’t find anything, so we walked back to our hotel where we decided to chill out for a little while.

Towards dinner time, Ann and I walked to the Wildhorse Saloon. We walked inside and were greeted by a statue of a wild horse. We checked in and then soon were seated at a table. We looked over the menu. Ann and I decided to split a meal. It was the yummiest sausage I have had in a long time. While eating our meal, they invited individuals up to learn line dancing. Ann and I both decided to give it a try. After a short period of time, I looked over and Ann was standing on the sidelines videoing me. I tried my very best to keep up with everyone, but it seemed like I was always a step or two off.

After the lessons, I returned to our table. We finished our meal. Then we decided to try the fried pickles. They soon arrived. Ann and I each took a pickle and dipped it in the dipping sauce. We continued to munch on them as we listened to the band Brother Trouble. They were good, but there was many of them so we didn’t finish our plate.

After receiving our souvenir glasses, Ann and I walked back to our hotel. While on our way back, we saw that there was a musicians showcase at the Johnny Cash Museum. Ann and I went inside but not before making a gentlemen move that was parked right in front of the door. It was a small space so we each found a nook and listened to the musicians for awhile. One of the musicians was a young woman named Alissa Moreno. Alissa wrote Rascal Flatts’ song Every Day. Alissa shared a new song that will soon be recorded by Javier from the first season of the Voice.

We listened to a few songs and then continued on our way. Once we got back to the hotel, we rode the elevator back up to our floor. We walked down the hallway to our room. We slid the key in the door. Once inside our room, Ann said she would go swimming if there wasn’t anyone else down at the pool. I quickly rode the elevator down to the 5th floor. I opened the door to the swimming pool room and saw that no one was there. I rode back up to our floor and walked down to our room. Once inside, I told Ann that there was no one down there. We began putting on our bathing suits. I spotted a family enter into the swimming pool area from our room. Ann said she would still go if it was just a family.

We wrapped ourselves in our towels and went down to the pool area. The dad was swimming with his children; two boys and a girl. Ann and I slowly got into the pool. We swam around for awhile. Shortly after we arrived, the Dad said it was time for them to go. He looked at us and said, “We are going to go now. Then you can have some peace.” Ann and I just smiled. They really hadn’t been that loud.

Ann and I swam laps back and forth from one end of the pool to the next. Every once in awhile, we would stand at the end and chat. We did this for about an hour. Then decided it was time to go back to our rooms and go to bed.

We went back to our room and got ready for bed. We pulled back the covers and crawled into our beds. Before plugging in my phone and laying it on the bedside table between our beds, I quickly looked at my FitBit for the day. We had walked 10,389 steps; 4.47 miles; burned 2,552 calories and had been active for 53 minutes.

10 thoughts on “Country Music and Fried Pickles

    • Natalie, I forgot to add my disclaimer. These Nashville posts are recaps from the sister's trip my sister and I took this past August. We really did have a good day despite the rain!

  1. What a fun day with your sister! I spent a few days in Nashville, and it poured bucket s of rain. I also tried line dancing (I am not naturally coordinated)–I'm glad no one was around to videotape my efforts!

    • Anita, it was such a great trip! I am not that coordinated either, but it was still fun to try line dancing. These Nashville posts are nuggets from my sister and I's sister's trip from this summer.

  2. It looks like you had a fun day in Nashville. We went there a few years ago and I fell in love with the city. I hope you had time to visit the Hermitage. It was my favorite part. I'm glad you got to spend time with a friend as well. I spent the last weekend with my girl friends and it was so refreshing. 🙂

    • Amanda, I forgot to share that these Nashville posts are recaps from my sister and my trip this summer in August. We had such a fun time in Nashville! We did not visit the Hermitage. Will have to add that to the list for a future trip.

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